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now please note that, there are some limits for my commissions that be also recommended, if you want a commission, please note me about what you want, but im working on literature for now, at least till i master my computer, and its Paint program.

Transformation/Transgender trigger
all tf/tg triggers are not priced yet, so just note me on it.
now if you want TG, i have to know on what you want if its censored or not,

breast size_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
fair: 1-12 :devart::points:
good: 1-12 :devart::points:
busty: 1-12 :devart::points:
custom: 10-20 :devart::points:

partially: bra, panties, sexy outfits: 5-10 :devart::points:
stripper: taking her/he cloths off for the reader: 5-10 :devart::points:
Ripping: ripping her cloths off for you: 3-5 :devart::points:
no cloths: your going to need to note me about that, mainly where is she: 2-6 :devart::points:
custom: describe the outfit, or covering that the character has, and maybe, if i like it, its free, only this part: 12-23 :devart::points:

there are many sexy bodies, that i cant find at the moment, but i have seen a lot af poses and bodies.
sexy: 5 :devart::points:
playboy: 5-10 :devart::points:
Custom: note me about it 15 :devart::points:

Transformation/ species_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
canine: dogs: 5-10 :devart::points:
Avian: birds, owls and hawks: 5-10 :devart::points:
feline: cats: 5-10 :devart::points:
aqua: Dolphins, sharks and whales: 5-10 :devart::points:
wild life: raccoons, foxes, wolves, ferrets and Mice: 5-10 :devart::points:
mystical: unicorns, fairy's, werewolves and were-whatever: 10-15 :devart::points: (but come to think of it, i was thinking of doing MLP TG TF so that might be 5 :points: for a character, werewolves i just love, but if its a TG TF, then the curse is going to go state wide, so their a large price on that one)

State: 5 :devart::points:
National: 15 :devart::points:
world wide: 75-1000 :devart::points:

just name your city, real or not just tell me

now just tell me about it, if its female to male, its going to be 65 :devart::points: or more, depending on graphics.
Transfomrtaion: free
TG: free
mix of TF and TG: 5   :devart::points:
Plushie: that i love, i love my stuffed animals: free

choose one or mix two for: 3 points:

i do Trades if anyone wants to, but it will be just literature not art , requests are closed for now, sorry, birthday commisions are always open, if your giving something to a friend, or favorite artist, or your the artist and want something from me, just note me.

have fun



Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Welcome to Sly-Fox-Labertories, we here program, and sell transformation products all over the world, we support every know transformation known to man.
TG> our specialty
TF> our specialty
many more tfs triggers will be also added as we go, please take a look around my gallery, pictures may be commissioned by other artist, or was worked on by me helped by drawing guides.

im doing point commissions, mainly so i could ask one of my favorite of artists, can work on some comics, icons, and so forth, there will be information in my journal.

Female Lucario. by Monster-Boar

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